Der Schauspieldirektor (The Impresario)

This work premiered in 1786 as part of a double bill alongside Salieri’s Prima la musica e poi le parole (“The music before the words”). Emperor Joseph II commissioned both works as a comic opera competition, pitting an Italian opera buffa against a German Singspiel. The plot of the opera itself focuses on a competition. Buff, an experienced singer who runs his own opera company, is auditioning three singers for roles in a new production of Mozart’s Bastien und Bastienne. His casting call attracts a variety of applicants. After the three contestants audition, they sing a trio taunting one another. Buff announces the results, and the four sing a conciliatory finale praising teamwork over selfishness. Our production of this work also incorporates Pedrillo’s aria from Mozart’s Die Entführung aus dem Serail, sung by Monsieur Vogelsang in his audition.

Roles (In order of appearance)

Buff (baritone) César Méndez-Silvagnoli

Madame Herz (soprano) Samantha Stein-Stinson

Mademoiselle Silberklang (soprano) Danielle Messina

Monsieur Vogelsang (tenor) Ryan Connelly

Bastien und Bastienne

Although the 12-year old Mozart had already written a sacred Singspiel (Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebots) and a secular oratorio in Latin (Apollo et Hyacinthus), Bastien und Bastienne is his first actual opera. The overture sounds exactly like the beginning of Beethoven’s Symphony no.3 (“Eroica”), but it is unlikely Beethoven ever heard Bastien. The plot revolves around a romance between two shepherds, Bastien and Bastienne. When Bastien attracts the attention of a rich noblewoman, Bastienne grows jealous. She enlists the help of the local factotum and ostensible shaman Herr Colas. Colas’ antics initially imperil the lovers’ relationship, but eventually the two are reconciled.

Roles (In order of appearance)

The Noblewoman (dancer) Mandy Milligan

Bastien (tenor) Ryan Connelly

Bastienne (soprano) Danielle Messina

Herr Colas (baritone) César Méndez-Silvagnoli

Projekt Wolfgang

Mozart: Der Schauspieldirektor

Mozart: Bastien und Bastienne

Dates: June 9th and 10th 2012

Location: Hoffner Lodge in Northside

QCCO’s debut performance paired two rarely-heard Mozart gems: Der Schauspieldirektor and his first opera Bastien und Bastienne. This production was presented as a benefit for QCCO’s partner organization, MYCincinnati.


François López-Ferrer (June 9th)

Isaac Selya (June 10th)



Dr. Al and Mary López, Robert Amott and Janice Flanagan, Mary Ellyn Hutton, Marilyn Z. Ott


Dr. Ezra and Varda Stieglitz, Dr. Herbet Halpern, Dr. Merril, B. Goldberg, Judith Brody, Larrie Howard, Dr. Rena Selya Cohen, Rabbi George and Sarah Barnard, Chris and Rich Connelly, Dr. Solomon Jekel and Dania Jekel, Wendy McDougal, Sonja Rethy , S.H. King, Mrs. W. Robert Kilbourn, II, Jeffrey and Gayna Bassin, Emily Holden, Alberto Oliveira, Paul Hachmann, Claire Lee, Ben Birnbaum, Blake Richardson, Matthew A. Tosca, Rick Sarason and Anne Arenstein, Josh Whelchel, George DuChaine, Catherine Keen, Leslie S. Marcus, Brian Thornton, Dr. Ilan Mizrahi, Lev Novikov, Katya Gorovaya, Noni Rudavsky, Richard Young, Ruka Shironishi, Saya Callner